2020 P, D 2 Coin - George H.W. Bush Presidential Uncirculated

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  • You'll receive a Philadelphia and Denver Mint 2 Coin Set
  • George H.W. Bush Presidential Dollars
  • Special 2020 Issue.
  • Great 2 Coin Set for Collections
  • Uncirculated Coins Fresh From the Mint

2020 P, D George H.W. Bush Presidential Dollar - 2 Coin Set Special Issue due to his passing over 2 years ago. The law states "No coin issued under this subsection may bear the image of a living former or current President, or of any deceased former President during the 2-year period following the date of the death of that President." Now since the 2 years has passed he will be getting his coin. Carter is still alive at this time and still will not have one issued. You'll receive a set of Two Gem Brilliant Uncirculated Presidential Dollars, one "D" Denver Mint mark and one "P" Philadelphia Mint mark. The design will be similar to the images provided by the US Mint. Final Images will be updated once they are updated at the US Mint. Find more in our Presidential Dollar Category.